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Inspection & Auditing

Our company specializes in assisting clients throughout the entire lifecycle of quality, environmental, health, and safety management systems. From development, accreditation, and implementation to auditing and continual improvement, we offer comprehensive support. Our team includes seasoned lead and internal auditors with extensive experience in these domains. We excel in delivering thorough third-party assistance, guiding clients through the process of attaining and sustaining these essential management systems.

Verification & Certification

Our company offers a comprehensive range of certification services aligned with international management system standards. Our certification process adheres to global standards and best practices, ensuring a thorough approach. Throughout this process, our unwavering commitment is to not only meet but exceed the needs and expectations of our valued partners.

Shipment Tracking

Our extensive network of inspectors and engineers worldwide, complemented by our dedicated customer coordinators, ensures that companies adhere to the most recent regulatory and quality assurance requirements from project inception to final delivery. We diligently monitor the whereabouts of your device throughout the entire process. Our services encompass pre-shipment inspections, packing and goods received inspections, as well as witnessing FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) and conducting site commissioning tests. You can trust us for comprehensive support at every stage.



In a world where risks are inherent, safeguarding the well-being of our clients’ personnel, ships, and offshore structures guides every decision and action we undertake. This profound sense of purpose propels us beyond the confines of individual projects, inspiring us to discover innovative approaches to predict and manage risks across the industry. Our commitment extends to fostering health and safety and preserving the marine environment.

Our teams leverage their knowledge and expertise daily to assist clients in resolving intricate technical challenges, ensuring compliance with regulatory mandates, and enhancing safety and performance. We continually pioneer advanced technology and tools, sharing these innovations with our clients. As a classification society, we serve as a vital link between international regulations and the aspirations and requirements of ship designers, builders, and operators. By establishing rules for ships, offshore structures, and onboard equipment, and diligently verifying their adherence, we actively contribute to safety in sea and air transportation.



Our extensive global network, comprising inspectors, engineers, and dedicated customer coordinators, assures companies of seamless compliance with the latest regulatory and quality assurance standards, from project conception to final delivery. It is our steadfast commitment to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  1. Ensuring Product Quality:

    • Vigilant oversight to guarantee the highest standards of product quality.
  2. Early Detection of Deviations:

    • Prompt identification of any deviations from established standards and design specifications in the early stages of the manufacturing cycle.
  3. Continuous Compliance Monitoring:

    • Ongoing monitoring to ensure steadfast compliance with industry standards, procedures, and specifications.
  4. Accurate and Timely Reporting:

    • Delivery of precise and timely reports to keep stakeholders informed.
  5. On-Site Inspection Services:

    • Deployment of skilled and competent inspectors in close proximity to our clients or their suppliers, offering cost-effective on-site inspection services for procurement within the supply chain.
  6. Manufacturers Capability Certification (MCC):

    • Certification to attest to manufacturers’ capabilities.
  7. Vendor Assessment and Audits:

    • Comprehensive evaluations covering capability, quality, safety, calibration, capacity, and resource audits.
  8. Production and Expediting Services:

    • Efficient services to facilitate production and meet deadlines.
  9. Pre-shipment, Packing, and Goods Received Inspections:

    • Thorough inspections at critical stages, including pre-shipment, packing, and goods received.
  10. Witness of FAT and Site Commissioning Tests:

    • Oversight of Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) and on-site commissioning tests to ensure adherence to specifications and standards.”

This commitment reflects our dedication to providing peace of mind by upholding the highest quality standards throughout the entire supply chain process.



The global food industry is experiencing an escalating demand for sustainable, safe, and high-quality products. In this dynamic landscape, we empower you to not only meet these growing expectations but also to mitigate risks and safeguard your brand.

Modern consumers are more discerning than ever, seeking transparency in the food supply chain. They want to understand the origins of their food, the processes involved in its creation, and how its quality is maintained. As a professional in the food industry, it is crucial to showcase responsible practices, ensure complete product traceability, and adhere to stringent regulations—challenges amplified by the complexities of a globalized supply chain.

Our comprehensive suite of Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) services is designed to address these challenges and guarantee the safety and quality of your food products from farm to fork.

Food Manufacturing & Processing:

  • Our services encompass vital aspects such as nutritional and residue testing, best practice certification, and supply chain digital monitoring. This ensures not only the safety and quality of your products but also compliance with regulations.

Food Retail, Service, & Hospitality:

  • With services including microbial testing, digital self-check technology, and in-store audits for brand consistency, we contribute to enhancing and protecting your reputation. Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique demands of the retail, service, and hospitality sectors.

In a world where the integrity of your products directly impacts your brand’s success, we stand as your trusted partner. Our commitment is to help you navigate the complexities of the food industry, providing assurance to both you and your consumers that your products meet the highest standards of safety, quality, and ethical practices.

Our Pride

At our core, we are a ‘Business to Business to Society’ services company with a profound mission—to foster trust among businesses, public authorities, and consumers. As a global leader in audit and certification services, we are dedicated to empowering our expanding clientele to operate with greater efficiency, methodical precision, and unwavering trust. Our commitment extends beyond mere business transactions; it is a journey toward fostering sustainability both in business practices and the world at large.

In our role as auditors and certifiers, we play a pivotal role in guiding our clients towards a more sustainable future. We assist them in adopting practices that not only enhance their efficiency but also instill trust in their operations. Our mission is to contribute significantly to a more sustainable business landscape, ultimately shaping a world where trust is the bedrock of every interaction.

As we lead the way in audit and certification services, we envision a future where businesses seamlessly integrate sustainability into their operations. Through our expertise, we aim to facilitate a global shift towards more responsible and trustworthy practices, creating a positive impact that reverberates throughout society.

01. We keep your information secure

We prioritize the utmost security and confidentiality of our clients’ information throughout the duration of their projects. Our commitment is to maintain a robust and secure environment, ensuring that sensitive data is handled with the highest level of discretion and safeguarded against any potential risks. Clients can trust us to handle their information with the utmost care and diligence, providing a secure foundation for the successful execution of their projects.

02. We are fast

We take pride in our swift and efficient approach to the inspection and verification process. Our commitment to expeditious services is driven by a dedicated team that prioritizes accuracy without compromising speed. By streamlining our procedures, we ensure a timely and reliable inspection and verification experience for our clients, adding value to their operations and projects.

03. We can Certify You

Upon thorough examination and verification, should your documents, products, or processes meet our stringent standards, we are pleased to grant certification. This formal acknowledgment is a testament to the satisfaction of our criteria, assuring our clients of compliance and excellence in their endeavors.

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Latest Case Studies

The surge in demand for digital distanced surveys and inspections has been notable, attributed to the implementation of rigorous global travel restrictions amid the COVID-19 pandemic and unprecedented impacts on gas prices. We possess the capability to conduct remote inspections for all orders or projects, ensuring adherence to prescribed standards and safety protocols.